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FFX Madman's Single Ranking

It's back!!! FFX Madman's Single Ranking is back!!!! Here is my latest...

1. Utada Hikaru - Hikari

Hikki's done it again!!! This song is from one of the endings of an anime I love, Fate Stay Night. The title of the anime doesn't make any sense to me but this song is great.

Her strong and heartful voice will mesmerize the young to the old with an everlasting affection and emotion. What in the world did I write?? ahah.. to sum it up, it's a DaMN good song!! Click 'play' on the playbar below to listen. Enjoy!!!

2. Remioromen - Konayuki

This one is a very special song for me. It's one of the main themes in a Japanese drama that affected my life and way of thinking, 1 Litre of Tears. Click HERE to watch the drama and HERE for some information.

This song so sad la... I suggest you watch the drama, really enlightening. Remioromen really performed this song all the way from the heart, a great song!

One Litre of Tears

3. KAT-TUN - Keep the Faith

I can't believe I actually like this song, but since I've listened to it in Music Station a few weeks ago, I'm kind of addicted to it.. ^^

The lyrics of this song shown in Music Station are really good, but I can't understand it.. too bad...

Btw, a little info about KAT-TUN, they're Rapper acted in My Boss, My Hero as a cute yakuza (Japanese mafia) that tries to act pai kia.. ahahha so funny!!!

4. YUI - Love & Truth


This song was used as a movie theme for the movie "Closed Note". I'm still looking for the movie.. arr... so depressing!!!!

YUI has violinist included in this song!!!! Add an extra effect to the song that makes it unique! Gambate YUI!!!!

5. TOKIO - Sorafune

This song brings back a lot of memories ^^..

Ending and Intro song for another Japanese drama I love, My Boss, My Hero.

There's something cool with Tomoya Nagase, the main vocalist. His talking voice is deep but when he sings, it goes high and it sounds damn good.. aha.. amazing!!!

By the way, the drama is very funny. The rapper from KAT-TUN is in the drama too!!

There you go, FFX Madman's TOP JAP Songs!! Enjoy!!!


aah so you´ve watched 1 litre of tears too, I love the series and the songs in it. 9th march is a very good song too!


my dear, the hikari song thingy, the singer is Jyukai. The song sung by utada hikaru which is also entitled hkari is a completely different song.